We are a proactive company always looking for new business opportunitiesfocused mainly on innovative and impulsive products, and trendsetters, in various categories
We have the representation of attractive licenses and development of our own brands, we captivate a market eager for new products, which, added to an impeccable display at each point of sale, makes us the leader of impulsive products in Latin America and with commercial offices in Chile, Peru, USA and Hong Kong.
Our main driver is the quality in the long-term relationships that we generate and pursue day by day with our clients, our suppliers, and our team, always looking for excellence.
We have a large team of more than 100 people willing to meet the main needs of the market. We are big fans of the process and good service that every step of the business requires.
And we love going around the world looking for the next novelty!!!

Alejandro Schachner

Director Ejecutivo

Francisca Aguilar G.

Gerente General

Dulce María Sanz Ráez

Product Manager

Ciara Menendez

Country Manager Perú

Miguel Angel Vallejos Yañez

Kay Account manager Senior

Cristián Jofré

Ecommerce Manager

Felipe Cardemil

RingaStore Manager

Walter Aldana

Gerente Operaciones

Paola Jimenez

Asistente de Operaciones

Verónica Cárdenas

Jefe Zonal Puntos de Venta

Oscar Loyola Rozas

Supervisor Visual

Isabel Espinoza Smith

Directora Creativa

Andrea Atria Bianchi

Diseñadora Gráfica

Sebastian Cordero

Supervisión Contable y Administración

Fernando Madariaga González

Analista Contable